Blue water Sailing and Live Aboard

Make your Dreams come true

Liveaboard Sailing, Coaching and Know How
and Travel Reports from Sailing around the World

You dream about a life outside the rat race, full with adventures and new experiences?
A life aboard your own yacht, sailing between remote islands or even Sailing aroung the World?

You need general support, advice on technical projects or tips concerning maintenance or equipment or simply some inspiring travel stories?

We can support you with our Know How gained in our circumnavigation sailing over 30’000 miles, through 30 countries and 3 oceans.

sailors paradise blue water lagoon in Fulanga Fiji

Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course

You plan a life aboard a boat or a circumnavigation around the world? You want to know how it really is to live aboard? Or you just want to learn how to sail, come sailing and enjoy? Contact us for further info!

Online Advice and Coaching – Lifestyle and Technical

You want to live aboard a boat and you don’t really know how to get started? You want to buy a boat and equip it technically for sailing and living off shore? Then contact us, so we can support you per email or video calls!

Coaching on deep water sailing and living aboard
maintenance know how on board

Our blue water Sailing Knowledge and Experience

Every day we learn something new, sometimes the hard way. Profit from our knowledge and make your life easier. In our articles and downloads you find interesting tips and tricks not only for long distance sailors

Travel reports from Sailing around the World

30’000 miles, 30 countries and 3 oceans – on our circumnavigation from Turkey to Malaysia we have experienced many adventures out at sea and on land. Read here about our stories from the beginning!

stories about our travel and sailing adventures are often about people

About us

Blauwassersegler Angela und Reto

we are Angela and Reto, since 2015 we sail with our catamaran SHE SAN around the world.
From Turkey through the Mediterranean, over the Atlantic to the Panama Canal, via the South and North Pacific to Southeast Asia we have experienced many adventures and have learned a lot.
We would like to share this knowledge with you and help you in your way to become an experienced blue water cruiser yourself!

„When the wind of change is blowing, some seek shelter in the harbour while others set the sails“

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