Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course

Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course

Sailing, gaining experience, relaxing – all that you can do at the same time through our Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course 😉

You are starting to become a Blue Water Cruiser and need to gain more confidence?

You are planning to sail around the world or to live aboard a boat as a Blue Water Cruiser?
You want to check out how it really is to live aboard a boat?
Or you just simply want to learn how to sail or join us sailing and enjoy?

Then contact us via CatamaranSheSan(at)gmail.com

How does our Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course work?

You can join us sailing by contributing to our boat expenses.
In addition we offer you a practical liveaboard sailing course with individual training.

You decide how much you want to learn!

What do we offer to you?

We share with you our experience of 5.5 years sailing around the world:

Lonesome anchorages, crystal clear water and snorkeling from the back of the boat – all that is a part of Blue water cruising…

… but also the real time challenges of planning, organisation, supply with food, water and energy, reacting to changes due to wind and weather conditions, (unplanned) technical issues and a lot more…

Examples for content Onboard Liveaboard Sailing Course:

Spinnaker sailing as one of the practical items of our onboard livaboard sailing course

Sailing experience and Seamanship

Saftey precautions and checklists on board

Weather and route planning – short and long term

Boat handling out at sea as well as in the anchorage

Anchoring and mooring handling

Preparation for a safe docking in marinas

Equipment on Board

Radar and AIS

Communikation on Board

Energy supply on Board, Battery management and Energy concept

Lightening protection on Board

Water supply and priciple of self made water maker

climbing the mast for maintenance is a practical example of safety on the onboard liveaboard sailing coursee
Maintenance and work on the hulls as one of the more theoretical items of the onboard liveaboard sailing course

Maintenance and Technical Support

Maintenance plans and continuous improvement of them

Important spare parts

Material and useful tools

Routine jobs above and below deck

Getting the antifouling off – completely

Liveaboard Life

Crew management and night shifts

Two on board – 24 hours x 365 days

Provisioning, storage and disposal

Careful consumption of water and energy

Fishing and all the stuff that comes with it

and many more stories of what cruising really is about 😉

Catching fish depens on luck but is essential for a practical onbaord liveaboard sailing course

“Living on board a yacht is not a vacation but a vocation”
cruiser in Grenada

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